We have redefined batik for the demands of the modern man on the move.

We believe that what you wear affects how you feel, and ultimately how you perform. That is why we have redefined batik for the demands of our modern society by combining the rich history of Indonesian ethnic textiles with the latest innovation in performance wear material. We make sure you never have to sacrifice comfort, function, style, or convenience ever again. 

May it be having to travel out on the field, be out in the hot and humid weather, or just wanting to feel comfortable in your own skin -- Magani has created the perfect batik shirt to make sure there is nothing limiting you from anything you want to achieve -- giving rise to our tagline: #NoSweatNoLimit.

We have created the most comfortable and convenient batik ever using our NOSWEAT material.

Our shirts are made out of our NOSWEAT material (100% microfiber polyester) that feels silky smooth on your skin. We carefully select and innovate our performance wear material to ensure the most comfortable, durable, breathable and sweat-resistant fabric.  

Machine washable & anti-wrinkle

No more hassles with ironing or dry cleaning. Save time and energy to focus on what's important. Just wash, dry, and you're ready to go. Guaranteed anti-wrinkle technology keeps you looking fresh from day-to-night, casual-to-formal, outdoors-to-indoors.

Soft, breathable, and sweat-wicking: 

Silky smooth material. Keeps you cool and looking sharp and presentable at all times. No dreaded armpit or back sweat stains throughout the day, especially when you're outside in the hot and humid tropical weather. You don't even have to wear an undershirt.

Extra 4-way stretch: 

Super stretchy for ultimate all-day comfort. Feel the freedom of movement across all range of motions.

Unique & timeless hand-drawn designs:

Paying homage to Indonesia's textile heritage, we hand-draw every single motif in meticulous detail to make sure we stay true to our culture. These hand-drawn designs are then PRINTED onto our NOSWEAT material.

Made in Indonesia:

Proudly designed and manufactured in Indonesia. #BanggaBuatanIndonesia