Yoshua Tanu: CEO & Co-Founder of Jago Coffee

Yoshua Tanu: CEO & Co-Founder of Jago Coffee
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#MaganiMen: Meet Yoshua Tanu, CEO and Co-Founder of Jago Coffee. Learn how Yoshua has leveraged his passion in coffee and experience as a finalist at the World Barista Championship/two-time winner of Indonesia Barista Championships to start and grow a new retail coffee company.

Yoshua Tanu Jago Coffee

Yoshua wears Indigo Classic.

Why did you start Jago? What was the motivation? 

As we saw the growth of coffee consumption, we also saw the growth of bandwagon new cafes that didn’t care so much for the product itself, the coffee. I wanted to keep educating the market on real quality products and coffee, and I wanted to do it faster than the growth of coffee consumption so that people can appreciate coffee better.  We also saw the increase in coffee delivery, which limits the interaction between the customer and the barista itself.  We wanted to create an environment that can bring this back to customers wherever they are, whenever they want.

What is the biggest challenge you faced when starting Jago? What is the biggest challenge you are facing now?

The biggest challenge we faced when starting Jago was to build the system and create a platform that works to balance out the customer side, Jagoan side, and also the Jago Team side.  The biggest challenge now is to introduce this new retail concept and new brand to our consumers.  

Yoshua Tanu Jago Coffee

What is your vision for Jago?

We want Jago to be the most convenient retail café in any environment, serving high quality beverages and products to the fast growing market today.

What would you do differently if you could start Jago all over again? 

I would probably aim to build the depots around residential areas if I had known Covid would happen =D.  Also I would’ve probably launched everything earlier than I did so that we could learn faster and adapt faster to the changes.

Yoshua Tanu Jago Coffee

How do you balance passion and business?

It actually goes hand in hand in a sense that passion always drives you to be better in whatever industry you are in.  However, we also have to be versatile and open-minded enough to see the business side of that industry to ensure the best customer experience possible.  

Jago is redefining retail. Especially during these COVID times, why were you inspired to pursue this new retail route?

This goes back to the main goal of wanting to deliver freshly brewed coffee with the best customer experience possible wherever they are.  Especially in times such as COVID where we must quickly adapt to customer’s priorities of convenience and safety. We also wanted to give our customers the ability to experience high quality products made by real people while they are at home.

Yoshua Tanu Jago Coffee

Where do you see the coffee trend in Indonesia going in the future?

Coffee is an essential product in our everyday lives, only 3rd to Water and Tea.  So it’s hard to discredit coffee and see it only as a trend, because it’s been around for decades and is the main source of increasing productivity in our daily lives.  We are only at the beginning phases of a coffee drinking culture especially in the younger generation now where coffee education has become a norm. With aspiring middle class aiming to grow to 115 million people in the next 10 years, I can only see the amount of coffee consumption to grow at the same rate.

Tell us a fun fact about your industry that outsiders wouldn't know.

In Indonesia alone Coffee has grown 10% every year for the past 30 years.  In 2019 Indonesia consumed 5 million bags of coffee. 1 bag of coffee is 60kg in weight. So this translates to around 30 billion of cups drank in Indonesia in 2019 alone.  More than 90% of that is coffee drank from sachets.

What about Magani appealed to you?

I find the quality of the product above standard and is very comfortable to wear!  Easy to move around in.

Yoshua Tanu Jago Coffee

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